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The National Rural Health Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and improving health care in rural communities.

As the nation’s leading technical assistance and knowledge center in rural health, The Center focuses on five core areas:

  • Transition to Value and Population Health
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Performance Improvement
  • Health Information Technology
  • Workforce 

Jun 27, 2018


To have an effective and efficient network, collaborators must key in on real issues of interest to network partners and communicate how they can work together for mutual gain. In this webinar, we’ll explore elements of marketing to the network. We’ll look at understanding network members and developing programs that meet their unique needs, followed by identifying which segments to target with messages about new and existing programs. Finally, we’ll introduce communication tools to reach those segments effectively.


Learn to effectively communicate and market to your network members to ensure your partners work together for mutual gain. This webinar will help you understand your members and identify segments to target with messages about new programs.