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The National Rural Health Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and improving health care in rural communities.

As the nation’s leading technical assistance and knowledge center in rural health, The Center focuses on five core areas:

  • Transition to Value and Population Health
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Performance Improvement
  • Health Information Technology
  • Workforce 

Oct 2, 2019

In this episode, Tracy, Valerie, and Connie discuss Daviess Community Hospital’s pulmonary rehab program and how it started, what they have learned so far in the three years of their program, COPD from both a patient and hospital aspect, and the future of COPD care.

Daviess Community Hospital is a 74-bed, non-profit hospital in Washington, Indiana with an extensive pulmonary rehabilitation program. Tracy Conroy serves as the chief executive officer and provides operational, financial, and strategic leadership that supports the mission and vision of Daviess. She has over 25 years of leadership experience in both acute and long-term care, population health management, outpatient clinics, and regional partnerships. Valerie Roark is a Registered Respiratory Therapist working with Daviess Community Hospital for the past 30 years as the Director of the Cardiopulmonary Department, EEG's, Sleep Diagnostics and Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Connie Wilson is currently the Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation nurse. Connie has been an RN for 34 years with 28 years in Cardiac Rehabilitation and 25 years in Pulmonary Rehabilitation.