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National Rural Health Resource Center's Podcasts

The National Rural Health Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining and improving health care in rural communities.

As the nation’s leading technical assistance and knowledge center in rural health, The Center focuses on five core areas:

  • Transition to Value and Population Health
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Performance Improvement
  • Health Information Technology
  • Workforce 

Jul 19, 2018

Driving change isn’t easy. We sometimes spend a lot of time and energy developing what we think is a well-designed change initiative, only to have others’ reactions derail the plan entirely. It’s likely that you’re working through many changes as the Allied Health grant period ends. In this webinar, we’ll look at both the rational and emotional side of a change initiative and give you strategies for addressing both. We’ll explore ways to not only keep others engaged in the change process, but also to keep up your own energy as you encounter challenges along the way. We’ll also share tools designed to help you pinpoint sources of resistance and develop strategies to address them accordingly.